Usefull Tool to batch edit IPTC Data

The Image IPTC Stacker can be used to batch format and edit the IPTC-Data which where set to an Staple of Images from same Photograph/Author.

Do you know if you want to build a gallery and spend a lot of time to delete infos from caption you don't want to show in your Wordpress Gallery? Do you want to save time of writing galleryimage sublines?

IMAGE IPTC STACKER is the tool you where looking for.

Program Conditions

Dos and Dont's by using this tool.

1. IMAGE IPTC STACKER dont save any image-data. After a batch you get a ZIP-Download of your batched files and afterwards all files will be deleted, latest with your logout

2. IMAGE IPTC STACKER use is completly for free.

3. Thinkbase don't use your personal data. All informations are only needed to save your privacy when you use our tool on our server.

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